Our services

Data protection officer (DPO as a Service)

Some organizations are obliged to use the services of a Data Protection Officer (DPO) who shall be explicitly responsible for the way data is being collected within the organization. Data Team can provide outsourced DPO to your organization in case you are not in the capacity to employ one by yourself.

Contractual issues, policies and procedures

Once your organization’s audit report is prepared, Data Team shall draft for you all necessary back office documentation, policies, forms etc. Our services include also the revision of your organization’s existing contracts and agreements in order to clarify for you your organization’s and your staff’s obligations thereunder.

Social Marketing

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IT systems compliance

IT systems, whether your office computers, or the smartphone in your hand, all threaten the security of personal data collected and managed by your organization. Data Team provides IT security checkup in order to ensure personal data is fully protected while kept on your devices.

GDPR Staff training

Although we are aware that many companies are already requiring confidentiality from their staff, GDPR establishes still additional requirements.Therefore, staff training is the best possible way to raise data protection awareness. The training  sessions by Data Team can be maintained at the most appropriate time with respect to the specifics of your organization’s business activity.

Data auditing

Data Team is here for you to review all your current practices of handling data for compliance with GDPR. Our team will help you clarify your organization’s role as a Data Controller and Data Processor, what kind of personal data may be of concern and if there are any areas of risk or processes that are non-compliant and need special attention. Data Team’s audit report incorporates any possible issues and suggestions for their effective solution.